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Appomattox County Public Schools

Health and medical Science

The health and medical sciences program is deisgned to meet the following objectives.

  • Introduce secondary students to careers in the health field.
  • Allow students to obtain the CNA (Certified Nurse Aid) industry certification.
  • Provide practical applications of learned skills in a health care setting

Provide basic patient care under direction of nursing staff. Perform duties, such as feed, bathe, dress, groom, or move patients, or change linens.

Courses                                State / National Organization / Skills USA

Introduction to Health and Medical Sciences               Compenetency-Based Task/Compentency List                       Pacing Guide

  • Suggested Grade Level 9-12
  • Course Number 8302 (1 Semester)

  Nurse Aid I                                                                 Competency-Bases Task/Compentency List                                 Pacing Guide

  • Suggested Grade Level  11-12
  • State Course Number 8360 (280 hrs) (2 Semester)

Nurse Aid II                                                                    Compentency-Based task ?Competency List                               Pacing Guide      Weekly

  • Suggested Grade Level 12
  • State Course Number 8362 (280 hrs) (2 Semester)



Mrs. Renee Wingfield