Appomattox County Public Schools

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                                                             Announcements:  Thursday, September 24, 2020

                                                                                     Today is an “West” day


Lunch:  Chicken Fillet on Bun, Tony’s Pizza, Chicken Tenders & Roll, Mashed Potatoes & Green Beans, Veggie Bags, Fruit, and Milk


All ladies interested in trying out for Girls Basketball:  conditioning and open gym will start on Thursday, October 1st, from 3:30-5:15.  Please bring your workout clothes. If you have any questions, please see Coach Hayes.


Please remember Picture day is tomorrow, Friday September 25th for West students, and Monday, September 28th for East students.


All Students:  Please remember, if you arrive to school after 8:30 you must stop by the main office to scan in and get your tardy slip to give to your first block teacher.  If you are leaving school early for any reason you must stop by the main office to scan out.


Dismissal times for: drivers, car riders, & walkers:

If your last name begins with F through J you will leave at 2:55 PM

If your last name begins with K through P you will leave at 3:05 PM

If your last name begins with through Z you will leave at 3:10 PM

If your last name begins with A through E you will leave at 3:15 PM


Any CVCC student who is on campus at the high school must stop by the main office.


The doors are set to open automatically when the bell rings.  You will have 5 minutes to get to the next class, before they lock again.   Please do not ring the doorbells unless the door is not opening.


Reminder to students:  You must have an elevator pass from the nurse to ride the elevator. 

Reminder: Students who drive or car ride need to leave campus immediately upon dismissal, unless staying for an after school activity.

**Drivers, please be reminded that the speed limit on Evergreen Ave. is 25 MPH. There are many students from ACHS and other schools who cross Evergreen every day or get on and off the bus, therefore it is extremely important that you follow the posted speed limit.

**Students:  If you come in to student events, or you let people into student events without paying, you will be issued a no trespassing notice that will be in effect for 365 days.


**Students:  Please do not park in the visitor parking spots.  There are only a few spots and they are needed for parents and guests.



School Counseling:


The SAT Test WILL NOT be held at ACHS on September 26th.  SATs have also been cancelled for October 10th and November 7th.